What is Activated Charcoal?

Activated Charcoal is nothing but a solid black porous sponge that is used for selective removal of toxins and chemicals from their a specific site of action. Scientifically, it is carbon that has been activated with oxygen which results into a highly porous charcoal. This porous material has an ability to adsorb plethora of contaminants and impurities that range from bacterial growth, pigments, odors to chlorine. Other essential materials like nitrates, sodium, or fluoride are not attracted to it at all. The adsorption process here only binds impurities with carbon and not the essential substances. The active sites keep adsorbing impurities and finally get saturated.

As for cleaning teeth, it can help in whitening your teeth in the most natural way. Anyone who had their teeth stained with berries, wine, tea, or coffee would find great use of it. It will not only help in destaining your teeth but would ensure better health of your buccal cavity since it improves pH balance of your mouth and prevention of gum diseases, bad breath and cavities. It has huge potential to adsorb microscopic tidbits and plaque that lead to stains on your teeth. It is a cost-effective measure and a completely natural solution for a brighter and better smile. If you are looking to buy activated charcoal in Australia, you can always purchase some from our portal. Crystal Charcoal has earned a reputation for offering natural activated charcoal in all kind of packing. There are a few precautions that must be taken by the user. You should beware, it can easily stain your fabrics and grout, you would also need to protect your clothing, floors, and counter before using it. It is recommended to use it twice or thrice per week for better results. Those using porcelain veneers, caps, or crowns should be careful about using it.

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